Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Couple Fun Websites To Bookmark for Your Enjoyment

These below freezing temperatures we've been experiencing have turned me into a complete hermit! Sadly to say having such an excuse has been fabulous =) I've had the pure enjoyment of surfing the web while still in my pajamas. And in case you are wondering, of course I've been productive, I came across these websites and they just so happen to be worthy enough to pass on!

First is
A website where you can turn anything into word clouds! Here is an example of my blog turned into a word cloud:

Wordle: blogWordCloud

Pretty neat eh? I thought so =)

Next is this is the cutest blog written by
Gwyneth Paltrow!
Check it out, she has some good stuff!
Even some interesting recipes for full
body cleansing for you
resolutioners out there!

And finally if you're a Kelly Ripa fan, like me, this site:
is for you!! It's her daily fashion
finder where you
can learn all about what she is wearing! She always dresses in
cutest things!

If only I had a stylist! A girl can dream though right?

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