Friday, April 3, 2009

Giveaway Greatness!

There are some great giveaways going on here in the blogging neighborhood! And who doesn't like free things??

First up...

A fabulous giveaway from Dave and Brit Plus One!



A Super Fab Giveaway from Good Gals Inc.

Gearin' Up for Summer Giveaway

Items Include:

A Flamingo Tea towel
Lemonade Mix
These cool ice-straw things (I thought they were cool)
A Lolita Palm Tree Wine Glass (great to put your lemonade in!)
Stephanie Johnson Makeup Bag
OPI Polish "Conga Coral"
Cool curved nail file
Scented Sponge
Fabulous Sunglasses
Hot Pink and Orange bangle

And Last But Not Least....

A Preppy Monogrammed Gifts Giveaway from Blue-Eyed Bride

A monogrammed sunglasses Holder
A monogrammed koozie to match

All these gifts are perfect for the sunny summer days ahead!

I would tell you all to enter...but that would lessen MY chances. Silly girls...I just wanted to show you the things *I* might be winning in the next couple of days =)

Ok. Fine. Go ahead and enter...just don't win.

haha Happy Friday! Hope ya'll have a fun weekend planned!


Thank you so much for all your thoughts and wishes yesterday, you all are so very kind. We have such a great little bloggie community and I'm so happy to be a part of it! Baby Zoe had all sorts of work done yesterday--blood/stool samples, x-rays, shots, the.whole.9.yards. Poor girl. But the good news is: most all her results came back negative! We are just waiting to hear back from the hospital on her blood sample. I am very optomistic though, as baby Zoe is doing much better today! YAY. =)


  1. yay for baby Zoe!!!!!!!!! Look at all those fancy giveaways...8 more followers and I have my very first giveaway!! xoxo

  2. Thats for posting about the giveaways :)