Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Fool or Be Fooled?

I've been on my best behavior and haven't partaken in any scheming today.
I'll dedicate my post to others who didn't hold back and kept today's theme alive.

Fun With Post-It Notes

Does anyone have any funny pranks to share?

Happy April Fools Day!


  1. I don't have anything funny but three people said they were pregnant today and I believed every single one of them! I am way too gullible.

  2. I 100% fell for the weddinbee prank today! I even posted a blog about the woman with the 2000 person wedding! Doen't know what I am talking about?...go look for Miss Papaya ;-)
    I have a feeling that it may be a plot line of General Hospital or some other soap.

  3. LOL!! These pictures are hilarious

  4. That last picture had to have taken them forever! I don't have that kind of patience :)

    Thanks for following me! I'm going to do the same!

  5. hahaha... I havent done anything lately, besides tell one of my best friends I was suddenly engaged, haha.. it was a $3 ring I got from Forever 21.. best investment ever!!