Monday, March 2, 2009

MANccessorize Your Outfit

There is nothing better than having the perfect accessory to compliment your outfit; a handbag, jewelry, sunglasses, belt, scarf......a man?

Lets have some fun for a minute.

If we lived in a fantasy world, and you could choose any man for your ULTIMATE accessory---Who would you chose to accompany you?

On a European Getaway?
The Pirate Himself: Orlando Bloom

To A Sporting Event?
Ever Sooo Yummy: Nick Lachey--
P.S. We will be married someday, I just know it. HA!

A Night at the Club?
The boy can dance!

A Cozy Little Bistro?
Move over Jessica Biel ;)

Out to Lunch?
A Beach Vaycay?
...nuff said.

((compliments to THIS blog for this gem of an idea))

Don't forget to watch the Bachelor Finale tonight....lets see what all this talk is really about!!
Dial in ladies =)

1 comment:

  1. I am heartbroken I thought Nick and I were getiing married. tears! J/K I am a Nick Lachey fan infact I think Jessicas biggest mistake was leaving him.