Monday, March 30, 2009

The Wacky WWW.

A few interesting items from around the web....

Waffles de Jour
Lets just hope you haven't eaten lunch at your desk a few too many times and that there isn't a healthy layer of crumbs lurking under the keys.

Team Spirit Hot Dog Stamp
You know you want one =)

A New Kind of Tea Light

A Puppy Purse
A List Topper for Hubs/Bfs Across the Board.
Do the right thing girls...hook a guy up! ha.

Transparent Toaster
Liking the modern look

Living Stone Lounge

Pistol Hair Dryer
Thought I'd throw this in, in honor of Rihanna's new tat
Seen here

A Bottle Opener Ring
if only they came in pink. kidding.

and last...but not least....

A Ball Filled to the Brim With....Nothing.
Perfect For the Person Who Has Everything!


  1. OMG, that puppy purse. Too funny!

  2. um i love these. That hot dog thing is so cute for super bowl parties and the ball of nothing.. i wish that is what i needed - LOVE this post, xoxo